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Adventures with a babka

By | May 29, 2011


The most complicated recipe in Gatherings, one of my two beloved cookbooks, is the chocolate babka. So naturally, I had to try it. For several months, I just kept flipping whenever I came to its page. The directions required both a food processor and a hand-mixer, and until recently, I had neither. But last Sunday, as […]

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In love with a food processor

By | May 25, 2011

gorgeous little potato kugel babies

I’m in love with a food processor. But if it helps, my husband probably loves it just as much. Those of you who have one can surely understand. A few days after our wedding, Husband and I sat down in our new apartment and made a huge to-do list with no less than 53 items. […]

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A night without cooking

By | May 18, 2011


I like just about everything that has to do with getting dinner to the table: Menu-planning, grocery shopping, cooking, setting the table, presenting the food nicely…most nights, I don’t even mind washing dishes. But I also love going out to eat. At age six, I decided my goal in life was to be a waitress […]

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Why does vanilla extract come in those little bottles?

By | May 15, 2011


I love this country, but sometimes it just has me mystified. Why is vanilla sold only in tiny little 50-ml bottles? And why is baking powder sold in those teeny-tiny packets? My husband actually noticed these things before I did. As soon as he asked me about it, I wondered why it hadn’t seemed odd to me until then. […]

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