In love with a food processor

By | May 25, 2011

I’m in love with a food processor. But if it helps, my husband probably loves it just as much. Those of you who have one can surely understand.

A few days after our wedding, Husband and I sat down in our new apartment and made a huge to-do list with no less than 53 items. No. 45 was “buy a food processor,” which we finally did two weeks ago, shortly before our half-year anniversary.

(In case you were wondering, no. 1 on the list was “open presents.” We took care of that one pretty quickly.)

But anyway, the food processor.

As a lifelong vegetarian (whose carnivore of a husband fills his meat quota with the Shabbos meals we eat out), I cook with a lot of veggies. Which means I cut, slice, dice, and mince a lot of veggies.

You already know about my favorite way to mince garlic, but that only takes care of one ingredient…enter Food Processor.

Last Friday, I tried out our new toy for the first time and nearly danced when it turned a bunch of roasted vegetables and spices into roasted eggplant dip with just a push of the “pulse” button.

My husband, on the phone with Mom at the time, had to explain what my excited exclamations in the background were about. Let’s just say that when something cool is happening in my kitchen, I see no need to keep it to myself.

But the eggplant spread was nothing, compared to the beauty of perfectly shredded potatoes baked into golden mini kugels…sprinkled with the fresh parsley, that yes, I chopped finely in the food processor. (Recipe below.)

Of course, I’m still learning how to use this thing, and I’ll take all the tips I can get. What are your favorite uses for your processor?


Rena on December 4, 2011 at 9:36 am.

Hi Tali!
I just came here because i’ve been reading your articles in Binah- great stuff!
I make this potato kugel too. I make it in a big Pyrex. It is my husbands favorite. If i dare try another recipe- he would NOT be happy. I also bake it a very long time so the top is nice a brown and crunchy. Really awesome recipe. Glad i see someone else thinks so too!


Tali Simon on December 4, 2011 at 10:00 am.

Hi Rena, welcome to the blog! Looking forward to “seeing” you here!

Although I always love trying new recipes, there are some classic ones I just can’t resist. I seriously inhale these mini kugels!


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