Doing Shavuos a week late

By | June 13, 2011

Photo credit: Catherine Munro

I had GRAND plans for Shavuos, let me tell you.

I’m a lifelong vegetarian, so this was my time to shine. Leaving meat out of Shabbos meals is normal in our house, but on Shavuos it would actually make sense. So at first, I figured it was the perfect time to have guests.

As a newlywed, I’m still gaining confidence in my cooking abilities, and I still feel bad about “not giving people their meat” on Shabbos or chag. But if they didn’t expect meat no matter where they were eating, I was all set.

Life’s busy, though. For one reason or another, my husband and I have been feeling like things haven’t slowed down since Purim.

I’m leaving on Wednesday for two weeks in the States and Canada to visit our families (sadly, sans hubby), and we’re moving to the yishuvim soon after I return. It started feeling like it would be better to just lie low over yom tov. It would have to be a table for two.

That was okay, I thought. I’d still make Shavuos treats and we’d still enjoy them. So on Monday, after spending all day fussing over the cake for our celebratory dinner in honor of my husband’s birthday, I stayed up half the night making menus and shopping lists for chag and Shabbos. But I like that stuff.

Except then I woke up Tuesday sick as a dog and didn’t step foot in the kitchen the entire day.

My husband stepped in to save yom tov, and took care of me as well as the cleaning and cooking. But my ingredients were still in the fridge, and I still wanted to use them.

Which is how I came to cook for Shavuos after it was already over. On Friday, I made a monster lasagna stuffed with an array of sauteed vegetables for Shabbos. We almost ate it right out of the oven but managed to restrain ourselves.

And last night, I found myself baking a brownie mosaic cheesecake (Smitten Kitchen again) at midnight. Because I HAD to use the cream cheese, and I HAD to use it for this cheesecake. Besides, now we have a Shabbos dessert in the freezer waiting to be eaten after I get back.

My husband even promised not to eat it in the meantime.


Elan on August 17, 2011 at 12:06 am.

Do you know any good recipes for take-to-work lunches?


Tali Simon on August 17, 2011 at 10:15 am.

Instead of making one or two suggestions off the cuff, I think I’ll use your question as a springboard for a full post. Stay tuned!


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