The focaccia that almost killed my food processor

By | August 29, 2011

The focaccia we had tonight was delicious. But it almost killed my food processor, and for that I can’t forgive it.

I still don’t understand what went wrong. I followed the directions from Enlitened Kosher Cooking, combining the dough ingredients in my food processor and letting the machine mix it up for five minutes. The result was a very sticky dough…and a food processor full of very sticky, very small bits of dough.

I gathered all the dough I could scrape out and put it up to rise, then quickly rinsed the processor pieces. It was annoying, but not terrible. Until I realized that the dough had also worked its way inside the top of the processor base, and that there was no way to reach it.

My husband assured me he’d fix it, so I moved on to preparing the antipasti and salad. He pulled out his trusty tool box and starting using the tiniest tools to get rid of the dough. It was when he opened up the base of the processor that we saw the extent of the damage. That ridiculous dough had gotten all the way to the bottom of the base, underneath the wires.

See that stuff down at the bottom? Yeah. It’s dough.

Hubby went full-force ahead with his surgery on the food processor and spent the next 30 minutes valiantly digging dough out from under the wires. I helped by making prophesies of doom that it would never work again and we’d have to buy a new one.

Happily, that’s not what happened. Surgery successful, he put it all back together and plugged it in to show me it still worked. I actually jumped for joy.

And then we ate our focaccia.

Bottom line? The focaccia itself was really good (my husband even says it would pass the In-Laws Test), but I wouldn’t make it in the food processor again if you paid me. Next time, I’m going to knead that dough with my own two hands.


Bruce on August 30, 2011 at 5:07 am.

I wish my wife could cook half as well as you do! your husband is one lucky guy.


Mara on September 6, 2011 at 7:30 am.

Tali – that looks gorgeous, though I’m sorry for the unfortunate run-in with your food processor. I have never made dough in the processor – only the Kitchen Aid. Love the sesame seeds…a nice Middle Eastern twist!


Tali Simon on September 6, 2011 at 10:07 am.

Thanks, Mara. Ah, the Kitchen Aid! One day…maybe. :)

I’m finding myself putting sesame seeds on everything these days, though always raw. Never have the patience to toast them!


Malka on December 21, 2011 at 8:14 pm.

Hey Tali! Just wanted to tell you that you inspired me to actually make this tonight!! I didn’t make this exactly, but I did make it because of you! So thanks!


Tali Simon on December 21, 2011 at 8:31 pm.

Cool! You just made me in the mood for this. I’ll have to make one this week.


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