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A funny thing happened on the way to Rosh Hashanah

By | September 28, 2011

shabbos candles

I think we’ll always remember Rosh Hashanah 2011 as the Year of Irony. Exactly 16 days before Yom Tov, I wrote out a pretty menu plan with perfectly straight lines (the hard copy, of course) detailing what we’d be eating for all seven RH/Shabbos meals. So far, so good. Two days later, we got invited […]

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Roasted eggplant dip

By | September 26, 2011


Anyone else feeling the pre-Rosh Hashanah crunch? I started cooking 15 days in advance, and I still feel like I’m way in over my head. It’s not Rosh Hashanah, per se. It’s everything, all at once. There are deadlines at work, and laundry and dishes at home (fortunately, there’s also my husband at home). There are […]

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Rosh Hashanah Special: Apple spice cake

By | September 23, 2011


When I baked my first brownie mosaic cheesecake in June, I immediately started planning to make it again. It seemed Rosh Hashanah would be a good enough reason to go all out, so I mentally put it on the menu. But when I sat down earlier this month to write out the full menu plan, […]

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Kitchen Tips: Sprucing up your rice

By | September 22, 2011


One of my goals when I started this blog was to create something more than a collection of recipes. Cooking isn’t always as simple as following a series of directions. There are all these little things you need to know: what goes well with what, which veggies take the same amount of time to roast, which […]

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