Roasted eggplant dip

By | September 26, 2011

Anyone else feeling the pre-Rosh Hashanah crunch? I started cooking 15 days in advance, and I still feel like I’m way in over my head.

It’s not Rosh Hashanah, per se. It’s everything, all at once. There are deadlines at work, and laundry and dishes at home (fortunately, there’s also my husband at home). There are about 37 Shana Tova phone calls, many of which need to be made to people in other time zones. There was Shabbos…there’s the nightly dinner thing…so of course I’m giving up on the idea of ever going to bed on time until the end of the month. And by that I mean Tishrei. The month that hasn’t actually started.

(I haven’t even gotten into preparing for the day itself. A foodie I may be, but I know this holiday is not about eating. No, really.)

When there are so many other things demanding my attention, I look for neat little recipes like this roasted eggplant spread. It’s as simple as roast, process, refrigerate.

The key to roasted anything is in the roasting. Let your oven reach the full tempearature before sliding that tray in, and make sure the veggies stay in long enough. If the peppers are turning black at the edges, you’ve done well.

If you’re looking for something to spice up your first course this Yom Tov, this is a winner. MUCH better than any store-bought version, and easy on the time.


Debbie Oziel on February 23, 2012 at 1:48 pm.

Is this the one you made when we were over?


Tali Simon on February 24, 2012 at 11:17 am.

Nope. That was the turkish salad:


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