Baked BBQ sweet potato chips

By | October 17, 2011

This recipe first appeared in my new bi-weekly cooking column in Binah magazine, the frum women’s weekly.

If you like salty snacks (that’s me) but don’t want to feel guilty eating them (me again), these oven-baked chips are perfect. I happen to love sweet potatoes, but you could use regular potatoes just as well. Just make sure you have a bit of patience. It is likely that you will devour the whole tray of chips within about two minutes 30 seconds of them coming out of the oven.

Since I don’t have a mandoline, I use the peeler method, and it works like a charm: First use the peeler to remove the potato peel. After that, you just keep peeling, so that you’re creating paper-thin slices of potato. If you’ve got more than one peeler at home, grab a helper. This recipe goes quickly when you have a pile of potato slices ready to go in the oven as soon as the first batch comes out.

If you prefer plain chips, you can season the slices only with a bit of salt. Otherwise, definitely try this BBQ seasoning mix. It kicks the chips up a notch without adding to your prep time by more than a minute.

This would be a fun snack for Yom Tov afternoon, especially if you prepare the potato slices on erev chag and only have to bake them. They taste best fresh, so try to avoid having to store them overnight. (For questions regarding cooking on Yom Tov, see your local rav.)

What do you like to snack on?

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