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Double chocolate peanut butter surprises

By | December 29, 2011


At 6 a.m. on Tuesday this week, I got a text message from my due-any-day-now friend. She had given birth to a boy! Yay! I’m still not sure what’s more amazing: The fact that I heard my phone go off at 6 a.m., or the fact that I managed to comprehend her Hebrew text AND […]

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Zucchini latkes

By | December 28, 2011


There may not be any more Chanukah candles to light, but I’m not done with my latkes! Although I’ve gone a bit latke-crazy this Chanukah, the truth is that I make them at all times of the year, for no reason at all. Especially since we bought our food processor. That shredding blade gets the […]

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Tzatziki: the ultimate latke topping

By | December 27, 2011


Did we really just light the eighth candle? I mean, I know we did, but…really? Already? I hope you’re still making latkes. I didn’t exaggerate when I wrote this post title — tzatziki really is the best-ever latke topping. This assumes, of course, that you like sour cream. After all, tzatziki is just glorified sour […]

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Chanukah gelt cookies

By | December 26, 2011


This one comes with a bit of a story. About two months ago, I started noticing something of a pattern in the blogosphere — it seemed like everyone was talking about cookies topped with chocolate candies. (I think it was this one from Bakerella that threw me over the edge. So pretty!) I wanted to […]

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