Mushroom barley pie

By | January 16, 2012

Ever wanted to eat your mushroom barley soup sandwiched between layers of puff pastry? Thought so.

Because that’s really what this tastes like.

And it is SO good.

I was doing that “surprise me” thing on Smitten Kitchen last week when I came across this. I quickly bookmarked it, intending to make it for Shabbos.

Except then we got invited out for Shabbos lunch. And for Friday night.

I know. My life is so hard sometimes.

I mean, I had this pretty little carton of mushrooms sitting in the fridge. I knew they wouldn’t wait a week to be used in a mushroom barley pie for the following Shabbos.

I thought about making the pie right away and freezing it, but I was afraid it wouldn’t be as creamy after cooking, freezing, defrosting, reheating, and some time on the plata.

So we had it for dinner tonight. Which is a good thing, because now I get to convince all of you to make this baby ASAP.

Actually, there’s nothing babyish about it. When I opened the oven to take it out, the words that came out of my mouth were, “Hello, mama!”

(This prompted a comment from my husband, wondering whether I was implying that his mother-in-law is, in fact, a mushroom barley pie.)


You really do need to make this. It’s a terrific winter dish — hearty and creamy (don’t leave out the cheese!) and filling…speaking of filling, I could eat the mushroom-barley-cheese filling plain. Like, all of it.

There was a lot of talk in the comments section on SK about what might be lacking in this dish. I found that a few tablespoons of soy sauce did the trick: brightened up the filling without covering up the natural flavors of the mushrooms and barley.

Oh, and one more thing: This recipe is so easy. So it’s completely delicious, satisfying, and simple to make.

Yep, it’s a keeper.

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