Simple pasta salad

By | January 25, 2012

Some recipes are really easy. Others are really pretty. Then there are the ones that taste good every time.

This one is all three.

It’s fun to make fancy shmancy dishes and desserts (and even more fun to photograph and blog about them), but more often than not, I’m just looking for dinner ideas that come together quickly.

Which is why I like this one so much. It’s about as quick as you can get.

Just prep the veggies and dressing while the pasta cooks, then toss it all together and let those hot noodles soak up all the flavor.

Oh, and top with sesame seeds. I have a thing for sesame seeds. You might have noticed this already.

You may be tempted to add other things to this pasta salad — more veggies, maybe some cubed cheese. That’s your call. I stick with just the two mix-ins to keep prep time to a minimum. Besides, when the dish isn’t overcrowded with other stuff, the tomatoes and scallions get a chance to shine.

And I totally love letting my vegetables shine.

So do they. See?

Sorry about that. I just had to.


I’ve tried serving this pasta salad hot, cold, the day of, and a day later. The verdict? The flavors are best when you eat it right away. The longer it sits in the fridge, the weaker the dressing gets.

And I know you wouldn’t want that to happen.

I’ve listed ingredient amounts in the recipe below, but really, this is not an exact science. Just go with your personal preference for the pasta/vegetable ratio.

Or go with what’s left in the fridge. That’s usually how I roll.

One more thing. Did you ever notice that scallions are really funny-looking?

Crazy, right? Almost…evil.


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