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Balsamic vinaigrette

By | February 28, 2012


We don’t usually have company for dinner during the week, but tonight we had a special guest: A friend of my husband’s who he hadn’t seen in 15 years. Isn’t it weird? We’re only in our 20’s, but we can still say things like “Wow!┬áHaven’t┬áseen you in 15 years!” So weird. This friend, J, is […]

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Brown-butter doubly delicious crazy cookies

By | February 27, 2012


So I was going to share a salad dressing recipe with you today. But…then I went through the photos of these crazy cookies that I baked last week, and decided the dressing could wait. Tell me, when was the last time you tasted a brown-butter doubly delicious crazy cookie? Right. That’s why you should keep […]

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Chewy red velvet cookies with white chocolate chips

By | February 23, 2012


Based on meticulous research, I estimate that there are about 55 million red velvet recipes on the internet. Red velvet cakes, red velvet cookies, red velvet brownies and donuts and cupcakes and even hot chocolate. But you know what’s weird? So many of them call for using a mix! A box of red velvet cake […]

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Soup with the Simons: Italian vegetable

By | February 22, 2012


I have a special soup for you today. It looks like ordinary vegetable soup, right? Not the kind of soup you could be especially proud of? That’s what it wants you to think! But it’s just the opposite. This soup has a depth of flavor so rich, so full-bodied, that it puts other soups to […]

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