Balsamic vinaigrette

By | February 28, 2012

We don’t usually have company for dinner during the week, but tonight we had a special guest: A friend of my husband’s who he hadn’t seen in 15 years.

Isn’t it weird? We’re only in our 20’s, but we can still say things like “Wow! Haven’t seen you in 15 years!”

So weird.

This friend, J, is in med school in Canada but is here in Israel for a few weeks doing a rotation at Shaare Tzedek. He was interested in seeing a yishuv, so he popped in and got a little tour.

My husband showed off the mountains (yep, that’s our backyard) and then brought him on over to the homestead.

Our caravan’s main room is the one you walk into when you come through the door. It’s the living room, dining room, den, and kitchen, all in one. Yeah, it’s cozy.

As the guys sat catching up on 15 years gone by, I made peanutty linguini, roasted potato wedges, and salad.

Or, in other words, I whirled back and forth from the kitchen table to the stove top to the fridge to the sink, all clustered together in a small space…it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, but I wondered what it looked like from the outside: Painfully crowded or nice ‘n homey?

I love it, but for someone used to North American standards…

I have to say, though, the only thing I felt when I took my homemade salad dressing out of the fridge was exceptionally cool.

It might have something to do with the bottle, which I {heart}.

We have two of these bottle guys, one with a green top and one with a pink one, and I clearly {heart} the pink one more.

But it’s also that homemade dressing adds such a nice touch to any meal. I know this is the wrong analogy, but to me, homemade dressing is the icing on the cake.

And in case you were wondering, this is a nice one.

Worth keeping balsamic vinegar around for this baby.


Keshet on March 2, 2012 at 4:35 am.

I want to see some photos of the caravan!


Tali Simon on March 5, 2012 at 10:06 am.

You can see the outside in one of the photos in this post:

But it’s an interesting idea — maybe a separate post showing everything from the inside is in order…


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