(Mini) crispy potato zucchini tart

By | February 15, 2012

If you’re wondering what a crispy potato zucchini tart is, let me put it this way: Think “extra-large latke.” Think “extra-large latke stuffed with sauteed zucchini.”

Think “YUM.”

If you like potatoes, if you like latkes, or if you just like greasy, buttery food, this one’s for you.

I came across this dish while I was surfing the ‘net for Pesach-friendly recipes. No, I’m not making my Pesach menus yet — though that’s an interesting idea, thanks — I was getting ready to write my column for one of Binah’s Pesach issues. (Good excuse, right?)

I still can’t decide whether this should be a Chanukah recipe or a Pesach recipe. Maybe it’s both. Or maybe I should just make it all the time regardless.

Because, seriously? Is there anything better than a huge, thick, crispy, golden latke with your favorite sauteed veggie hiding inside?

Right. Didn’t think so.

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