Quinoa chili

By | February 8, 2012

I read a lot of food blogs, maybe one too many for my own good.

There are two basic categories of blog recipes: (a) The ones you read with an open mouth, wondering how any human could create anything so gorgeous and perfect and pristine, and (b) the ones you would actually try in your own kitchen, in the context of your normal life.

Honestly, I love both. I love looking at those crazy cakes I could never make myself. And I love all the things I know I can make myself.

So diplomatic of me, right?

Anyway, in case you haven’t already figured this out, quinoa chili is a recipe of the second variety.

And a good one, at that.

I’ve tried kasha chili a few times and always like the slightly nutty flavor it adds, so I knew quinoa chili would be a winner. It does take a fair amount of chopping to get through the ingredient list, but this is such a wholesome, satisfying meal that it’s worth it.

You could serve quinoa chili over rice or another grain, but because there’s already a grain in it, this could also be a meal in itself.

Put it on your to-cook list before the winter’s over!

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