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Almond supermodels

By | April 30, 2012


I know, I know. But you just can’t change a name like that. I’ve had this recipe waiting for you for…basically, for forever. I bought the almonds around Rosh Hashanah, see, but then they sat in my freezer for awhile. One day, a neighbor came knocking, asking whether I had any. Sure did. She gave […]

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Blue & white cheesecake squares

By | April 25, 2012


If there was ever a day for celebrating Israel, Yom Ha’Atzmaut is it. These blue and white (sorry, kachol v’lavan) cheesecake squares are made with gvina levana, a delicious soft white cheese that makes a frequent appearance at Israeli breakfasts. Oh, and in my dilled dairy quick bread. These perfect little squares are light enough for […]

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My ultimate challah

By | April 22, 2012


This recipe and story originally appeared in the April 16, 2012 edition of “From Tali’s Kitchen,” my biweekly cooking column in Binah magazine. I was hot on the trail of the perfect challah. I knew what it should taste like: soft without being doughy, substantial without being too heavy, golden with the warmth of whole […]

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Kitchen Tips: Perfect hard-boiled eggs

By | April 18, 2012


Some things in life are intuitive: Don’t touch fire, do touch cookies. Unfortunately, hard-boiling eggs is not intuitive. I’ve ruined many, many eggs in my lifetime. There have been runny yolks, shells that wouldn’t come off without a sledgehammer, and ugly egg whites oozing out into the great beyond. Grosssssssssss. So let me show you what I’ve […]

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