Kitchen Tips: Perfect hard-boiled eggs

By | April 18, 2012

Some things in life are intuitive: Don’t touch fire, do touch cookies.

Unfortunately, hard-boiling eggs is not intuitive. I’ve ruined many, many eggs in my lifetime. There have been runny yolks, shells that wouldn’t come off without a sledgehammer, and ugly egg whites oozing out into the great beyond.


So let me show you what I’ve learned — because, surprise! — when you have the right instructions, it isn’t hard at all.

First, test your eggs to make sure they’re fresh by filling a small bowl with salt water. If they float, they’ve got to go in the trash. If they sink, you’re good.

Gently place the eggs in a pot (no more than two layers) and fill with cold water to cover them by about an inch. It’s important that the water be cold — pouring hot water over them could cracks the shells too early.

Add a pinch of salt and set the pot over a medium-high flame. Turn off the stove as soon as the water boils and let it sit on the hot burner for 14 minutes. Do not lift the lid.

When the timer goes off, pour the hot water into the sink and fill the pot with cold water. Do this a few times to cool the eggs. Once you’ve poured the cold water out for the last time, shake the pot vigorously back and forth to help loosen the shells. Great stress reliever, by the way.

Peel the eggs under cold running water, and they’ll come off like a charm.

And then you can just do with them whatever it was you were planning on doing. Egg salad…deviled eggs…jump rope. You know.


Shevy on May 17, 2013 at 12:52 pm.

Thank you Tali!! After 3+ years of marriage (3 erev tisha baav’s of choking on running hard boiled eggs) I successfully hard boiled eggs for the first time today…thank you!! Now you’ll just have to share a winning egg salad recipe :)


Tali Simon on May 19, 2013 at 8:07 am.

I love these moments. So glad!


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