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Kitchen Tips: How to make roasted garlic

By | June 25, 2012


Roasted garlic is one of those things — once you start making it, you’ll find yourself putting it in everything. It’s great in dips and spreads, sandwiches, pasta salads, mashed potatoes, omelets, or smashed onto a piece of toast. So easy to get along with, this roasted garlic. Plus, it only takes a minute to […]

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Photography @ MQP: Fill it up!

By | June 21, 2012


It’s been more than three months since I blogged about photography, so I figured it was about time for something new in this section. Today I want to talk about something so small that part of me questions whether it even warrants a post of its own: Filling dishes for a photo. Let me show […]

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Best roasted potatoes. No contest.

By | June 18, 2012


This is my 200th post on More Quiche, Please and I’m so glad it’s about these roasted potatoes. For the big 2-0-0, it had to be something really special. If you’re thinking, “Roasted potatoes? You don’t need a recipe for that!” then keep reading — and then, really, you have to go try these taters. […]

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Iced coffee milkshake (aka sip of heaven)

By | June 14, 2012


We’ve spoken about iced coffee before. I admitted then that I had not yet figured out an easy way to¬†achieve¬†the perfect consistency. But I promised to work on it. And I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Guess what? All you need is three magical ingredients. Ice cream, iced coffee, and milk cubes. You know, like ice cubes, only made […]

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