(Magically shrinking) roasted carrots

By | August 13, 2012

You know what they say about roasting something bringing out its fullest flavor? Never truer than with carrots.

Chomp down on a carrot stick, and you get a lot of crunch — so much that it kind of masks the natural taste. Raw carrots never really do the trick for me (unless they’re being eaten as a means to get to the dip…say what you like about that one).

But! Roasted carrots are awesome! And magical.

How else can you explain something that goes from this…

…to this?

Roasting carrots brings their sweetness to the fore, not to mention a depth of carroty flavor that simply isn’t present when they’re raw. And you don’t need anything fancy to make it happen — not even minced garlic or salt or pepper (I’ve tried both ways, and prefer them without the embellishments).

Seriously, all you need is a light coat of oil. Promise.

Although you could definitely serve roasted carrots alone, you might want to opt for Plan B if there will be more than two people at your table and you don’t want to slice three million carrots.

The good news is that Plan B is super flexible. I mixed these with wheat berries for a Shabbos side dish two weeks ago, and added them to a barley salad (inspired by this one) last Shabbos. They’d also be great in rice or tossed together with a host of other roasted vegetables.

Because you know what they say about roasting…

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dena @ohyoucook on August 14, 2012 at 5:16 pm.

When I have to slice 3 million carrots for 2 or more people, I break out the food processor. Then it takes longer to wash out the bowl than to slice!


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