Mishloach Manot 2013: Our little ampersand

By | February 22, 2013


There’s a reason it takes me so long to choose a Purim theme. It has to be cute, and it has to translate well into mishoach manot and costumes. It has to be simple to prepare, because when you’re making dozens of something, there’s no time to potchke. And it also has to be cheap. Because, yeah, when you multiply something by 25 or 30, it tends to add up.

So this year we’re doing an M&M theme. My husband and I will be the candies, and our 10-week-old munchkin will be our ampersand. (How do you dress a baby as an ampersand? Simple. Print out a big ampersand and tape it to a onesie.)


To make our M&M mishloach manot, I baked up about a million blondies. They’re stuffed with regular chocolate and white chocolate chips, topped with M&Ms, and insanely enhanced with almond extract.

Then I melted some chocolate…


And drizzled it over sheets of stove top popcorn. And I sprinkled that with some chopped M&Ms. That isĀ so an M&M recipe. Don’t deny it.


After that, it was time for the ribbon. Ribbon and cellophane bags go a long way. Put absolutely anything in a cellophane bag tied with a curled ribbon, and it POPS. Really sneaky trick, that one.


Chag sameach! Make sure to come back after the festivities — I’ll be posting my weekly menu plan on Sunday night.

Are you doing a theme? Tell me about it!


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jessica (the kosher foodies) on February 22, 2013 at 6:11 pm.

what a cute idea!! now we’re waiting for a photo of your little ampersand


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