Chag sameach!

By | March 24, 2013


Anyone else beating egg whites until your arm falls off?

Even with the kitchen kashered, there are 101 things to do in the day before the seder. How? Not sure. But since this is the first time we’re making the seder at home, I figure it’s all part of the learning process. (For example, I didn’t realize until two days ago that I would need to make charoset. Luckily, that was enough time to get us some cinnamon.)

If you’ve got some room in your Pesach menu for new dishes, check out this roundup on Spry Living (it features my matzah brei and matzah lasagna!). Disclaimer: Make sure to check the recipes included there for the Pesach-friendly factor.

I’ll be back after yom tov with a delish side dish and a salad from The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook. Bonus: Neither requires fancy equipment.

Chag kasher v’sameach! Wishing all of you a wonderful yom tov.

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