Tofu spring rolls

By | July 3, 2013


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It may not be spring anymore, but as long as the weather is hot, it’s the perfect time for spring rolls. They look really fancy, right? They’re the prettiest appetizer ever, right?

Let’s make some together.

First, whisk up a simple peanut sauce. Slice your tofu into sticks, lay them in a dish, and drizzle the sauce all over them. They get to hang out like that while you prepare the other ingredients.


And those would be cucumber and carrot sticks, rice sticks, and sliced avocado. Lest you think rice sticks are an exotic, impossible-to-find grocery item: I found them in my makolet. Scope out the Asian aisle of your local grocery. They’ll probably be right next to the rice wrappers.


Speaking of which…this is what a rice wrapper looks like. Stiff, highly breakable, kind of see-through. It’s interesting.


All you need is some water to soften it up enough to roll and eat. Remember that dish I used to marinate the tofu? It’s a 9-inch pie plate, and it was just fine for wetting the rice wrappers. I had to shift them around a little, but no biggie.


Lay your moistened wrapper on a plate and fill the center with a sampling of everything you prepped. You want the rolls to be packed with fillings, so don’t skimp. These photos should give you an idea of how much can comfortably fit inside each one.

To roll it up, bring the right side inwards, fold down the top, fold up the bottom, and seal by bringing in the left side. Wrap it tightly so everything stays together. The wrapper will cling to itself, doing most of the work for you.

spring rolls collage

And that’s it, guys. Slice them diagonally, pour some soy sauce in a little dish, and stand them up all tall and proud. Or something.


Happy spring summer!

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Hindy on July 3, 2013 at 3:12 pm.

I love spring rolls in the summer. We have them often. I like that you added the peanut sauce in the roll rather than using it as a dipping sauce. It looks delicious! I also often add some cilantro, basil or mint to the mix.


Katharina on July 5, 2013 at 3:04 pm.

Sounds yum! Hope to try out this recipe soon…


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