Candy-filled fudge cupcakes + 2nd blogiversary!

By | August 8, 2013


Two years, guys! More Quiche, Please is two today!

I love how this blog started as a little something and in two years, has become a huge part of my life. It’s my second baby (though it was born first), my favorite “hobby,” the perfect intersection of work and play, and what propels me forward in this world of foodiness.

Honestly, though, the best part is you guys. Without your input, feedback, emails, facebook shares, and everything else, I’d just be talking to myself over here. Thanks for being there, all of you.

Who wants stats? We like stats, yes?

Some numbers and facts from MQP’s second year:

And some of my own “stats” from year 2…

Things I make again and again in real life: Dairy noodle kugel with mushrooms and roasted garlic, roasted tomato sauce, seared tilapia fillets, golden skillet potatoes, sesame green beans, homemade cream cheese, coconut chocolate chip muff-cakes, and easy chocolate fudge cookies.

Lots of in-person rave reviews: Broccoli quiche in a brown rice crust, lightened-up potato broccoli gratin, homemade corn schnitzelhomemade cream cheese, and pumpkies.

Most work: Heart surprise cake (fun but only worth it for an anniversary) and glazed chocolate donut holes (a big project that’s worth every minute).

Some personal favorites: Garlic brown-butter breadsticks, carrot and feta latkes, savory tuna crepes with mushrooms and mozzarella, lasagna soup, and skillet lasagna. Those things are ridiculously delicious.

But let’s talk about candy-filled fudge cupcakes, hmm?


I had so many ideas for a fun, celebratory dessert, each crazier than the next. But ultimately, I wanted to create something that you could easily recreate for your next party (or Thursday afternoon). These cupcakes are basically made from pantry items, but thanks to the inclusion of pudding mix and mayonnaise, they’re so moist and fudgey that they feel like special-occasion fare. Filling their centers with chocolate candies (and topping them with the same) ups the fun factor even more.

If you feel like a taste, party’s at my house…


Rena on August 8, 2013 at 9:35 am.

That’s amazing!!!! Two Years!! I hope you have many more successful years blogging. These look sooo good! Going to make them next time I have my family over, they love chocolate!


Shevy on August 8, 2013 at 8:00 pm.

Mazel tov (this gets a mazel tov, right?) on your 2nd Blogiversary!! I love love More Quiche, Please and every time I browse through here I find more and more things I just have to bookmark and make (these candy filled fudge cupcakes are going on that list). I wish you much continued Hatzlacha and I’m part of the 78,000 who are most definitely reading what you right and experimenting with your creations!!


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