Mini tomato quiches

By | November 19, 2013


This recipe first appeared in the Oct. 21, 2013 edition of “From Tali’s Kitchen,” my biweekly cooking column in Binah magazine.

What’s on the menu for your Chanukah party? Meaning, aside from the obligatory latkes and donuts? If your get-together will be dairy, I’m voting that you put out some of these mini quiches.

In this tomato version, the buttery crust is home to a single halved cherry tomato, a basic milk-and-eggs custard, and a cheese sprinkle. You can switch out the tomatoes for any filling, really. But this way really streamlines the quiche-making process. What’s easier to prep than a cherry tomato? That’s right, nothing.

Your own quiche-making process can take place as early as this week, if you like. Mini quiches (and big ones) freeze well, making them a great party food choice. Besides, they’re cute. Cute food always goes.

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