Date coconut pinwheels

By | January 14, 2014


This recipe first appeared in the Jan. 13, 2014 edition of “From Tali’s Kitchen,” my biweekly cooking column in Binah magazine. On stands now!

I have a real soft spot for sliced cookies. Not that I won’t make the kind where you roll the dough into balls — I definitely will. But whenever I make cookies that are just sliced and baked, no individual rolling needed, I practically sigh with relief. Sometimes taking out that extra step makes all the difference. Like, the difference between calmly making cookies while your baby plays happily and frenetically rolling cookie dough because your baby stopped playing happily five minutes ago.

Pinwheel cookies also have the advantage of being pretty, all without requiring extra effort to make them pretty. Just rolling up a dough spread with filling gives you that trademark swirl, and if you wipe your knife now and then as you slice, they stay looking nice and clean-cut.

These date coconut pinwheels have a Tu B’Shavat spin, but once Tu B’Shvat is over, I give you my full permission to experiment with other fillings. Slice away!

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dina on January 16, 2014 at 4:56 pm.

they look yummy!


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