Black & pink chocolate chip cookies

By | June 26, 2014


What’s pareve and fancy-looking but not complicated to make? Black & pink chocolate chip cookies! (Sorry, that wasn’t much of a riddle.)

These cookies have their origins in this dairy kind, which I first made three years ago. Then last summer, I took my best chewy chocolate chip cookies and used them as a base for a pareve version of the black & whites, which I included in a cooking demo I gave on my yishuv. One more year and a couple more tweaks later, and I have a pareve, chewy, black & pink chocolate chip cookie. Take a seat. Take a cookie.

I made a double batch of these the day before I went into labor. It was a Friday, I was making a simple Shabbos, and the toddler and I had already spent some time chilling in the park, so I figured there was room in the day for kiddush baking. The recipe and directions below include some information that isn’t in the other two cookie posts, things I learned via trial and error in the course of sliding endless trays of cookies in and out of my little, one-tray-at-a-time oven.

Speaking of which: If you have an overdue bun in the oven, apparently baking these cookies is a no-fail way to bring on labor. Hey, if it doesn’t work, at least you have the cookies.


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Rena @ No Way That's Healthy! on June 26, 2014 at 5:20 pm.

These are cute! For kiddush’s I usually take those big pretzels and dip them into chocolate then dip them again into a mixture of white and red (or pink, if i can find) sprinkles. They are a hit and seriously are so easy but look fancy.

I’ve also done pink popcorn. Pink marshmallows on a stick with half of it dipped in white chocolate. And I also made a white layer cake with pink frosting and on top put this cute pink baby carriage.
LOL a little pink overboard, but girls are just too much fun!!! Enjoy her!


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