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Welcome to More Quiche, Please! I’m glad you stopped by.

I’m Tali Simon, and this blog is the result of three loves: writing, editing, and cooking. For me, food is never only about what’s on your plate — there’s always some story behind it, some little bit of life peeking through. By following this blog, you’ll get a variety of kosher recipes and stories from the stove top, but also a glimpse into what life is like here on a yishuv near the Dead Sea.

Way before I had ever heard of our yishuv, back in the eleventh grade, I had begun to build something of a name for myself for my broccoli cheddar quiches. There was even a reference to them in my yearbook blurb.

I am the oldest in a family of five vegetarian children born to two vegetarian parents. (All of my siblings eat meat now, though, so I’m the minority.) As a kid, I was verrrrrrrry aware that my family’s Shabbos menu was different than what everyone else was serving. No chicken soup, no deli roll, no meatball appetizers. I developed something of a veggie complex — I felt sure that any friends I invited to our house would go hungry.

My solution? Scour the family cookbooks for vegetarian dishes so delicious that I could invite my friends over with pride. And that’s exactly what I did.

The broccoli quiche was born.

These days, I consider myself fortunate that my husband eats my dairy and pareve cooking happily, and is satisfied with having meat only when we go out for Shabbos meals. The result is that I have an ever-growing collection of vegetarian recipes that are good for you (mostly!) and taste great.

I’m glad you’ve come to take a look at More Quiche, Please, and I hope you’ll stick around and become part of the conversation. Is there something you’d like to see discussed? A story of your own you want to share? I’d love to hear from you.

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