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{Simple} hot chocolate

By | November 20, 2014

After Tuesday’s horrifying terror attack, as I read the news and saw the photos along with the rest of the world, I wondered once more how I could keep putting up new posts here as if it was just business as usual for me. I’ve said this before, but this attack was so savage, so brutal, […]

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Iced ginger tea (with tea cubes!)

By | August 6, 2013


Typically, the things I put on our grocery lists are pretty normal. This week, for example, I picked up pasta, soy sauce, canola oil, produce…you get the picture. There are always some oddities hanging around, though. And when I find a way to use them up, I kind of rejoice. I’ve had a small container […]

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Coffee granita + 1st blogiversary!

By | August 8, 2012


It’s been exactly one year since I officially welcomed all of you to More Quiche, Please. And hasn’t it been fun? I’ve shared nearly 200 recipes that now make up a recipe index with 45 categories, held three giveaways, and developed a Facebook presence. Things are looking a lot prettier around here, too. (Remember these ugly […]

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Iced coffee milkshake (aka sip of heaven)

By | June 14, 2012


We’ve spoken about iced coffee before. I admitted then that I had not yet figured out an easy way to achieve the perfect consistency. But I promised to work on it. And I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Guess what? All you need is three magical ingredients. Ice cream, iced coffee, and milk cubes. You know, like ice cubes, only made […]

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