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{Failure} Homemade Golden Grahams

By | July 25, 2013

There are the DIY recipes that require minimal-to-reasonable effort, produce better-tasting food, and are cheaper to make. And then there are the DIY recipes that require an inordinate amount of time and effort and do not taste better than the store brand, and by the time you’re done making them, you don’t even care which […]

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The fudgesicle failure of 2012

By | June 11, 2012


I was so excited about this one. Summer was coming, I loved the idea of frozen treats, and my husband found these mini colored popsicle sticks for me. I knew my fudgesicles would be amazing. Okay, so I didn’t have little popsicle molds. Buuuuuut I did have a mini muffin tin. That would work, right? […]

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