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Tomato, cheese & caramelized onion quesadillas

By | July 8, 2014

With all of the rockets being fired at Israel right now, it feels awfully inane to publish a post on quesadillas (or just about anything, really). To everyone living in areas under fire, we are davening for you and hoping you are okay. And to every member of the IDF: Thank you. About the quesadillas. […]

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Pesach rolls {recipe review}

By | March 19, 2014


This is the first recipe I’m testing and reviewing from Pam Reiss’s Passover: A Kosher Collection. You can follow her at Pam’s Kitchen, and stay tuned for a second recipe review and a giveaway! I’d like to take a worldwide survey: How many of you have stand mixers for Pesach? Maybe it’s just me, and maybe it’s […]

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Stuffed French toast

By | January 26, 2014


Instead of my regular weekly menu plan, let me direct your appetites to my guest post over at Joy of Kosher. If your Sundays are lazy, care-free, weekend days, stuffed French toast is a great choice for breakfast or brunch. And if, like me, your Sunday might as well be Tuesday or Thursday, rest assured […]

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Tzatziki cream cheese

By | May 2, 2013


Remember the homemade cream cheese we talked about a few days ago? How it’s super cheap and easy and boasts a fluffy, creamy texture? Now it’s time to flavor it. You can go sweet or savory. There are so many kinds on my to-try list. Roasted peppers! Sun-dried tomatoes! Cinnamon raisin! But you have to […]

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