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Menu Plan: Week of July 20, 2014

By | July 20, 2014

When we moved into our yishuv exactly three years ago, I knew I was going to miss having a readily available source for iced coffee. The closest place that sold it was Rami Levi, but my husband does the grocery shopping 99% of the time, so I never really get there. So I managed as I […]

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Menu Plan: Week of July 6, 2014

By | July 6, 2014

I go through freezer-obsessed phases and ignoring-my-freezer phases, and these days it’s the first one. It occurred to me that if I can tuck something away in the freezer twice a week, then after three weeks, I’ll have six somethings to make week #4 super easy. How great would it be to defrost (homemade, healthy, yummy) dinners […]

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Menu Plan: Week of June 29, 2014

By | June 29, 2014

Thanks to our awesome neighbors who filled our fridge and freezer with wonderful meals, this will be my first week making dinner since giving birth. Now more than ever, I’m looking for simple recipes and things that can be doubled and frozen to make another day easier. Aside from being saved the time and energy of […]

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Menu Plan: Week of May 18, 2014

By | May 18, 2014

Good news, guys! I love the buzz cut. My little boy looks super cute and all grown up, and after months of resisting the buzzer, it seems that the lesson is that my husband is always right. If I was into posting pictures of my kid online, I’d post one here, but since that isn’t happening, […]

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