Healthy peanut butter cups

By | November 13, 2014


I’m staring at these pictures of my peanut butter cups and not knowing how to reconcile them with the article about Dalya that I just read. The one that made me cry at 5 a.m., the one you should only read when you’re ready to cry, too. It’s been happening too often lately that I’m about to post a new recipe here or share something on Facebook, and then there’s a terror attack and things like this just don’t matter anymore.

We had this conversation over the summer, and I do believe that life goes on and that it has to go on, and that we all still need to feed ourselves and our families. And so maybe new recipes aren’t totally insensitive and irrelevant. But still. I just can’t be all “I have the most delicious recipe for you!!” as if nothing else is happening. That’s why I’m so ambivalent about sharing these healthy peanut butter cups, even though I think they’re ingenious.

There’s really my husband’s invention — I’ve been so overwhelmed with work lately, and just making my old standbys. Since he didn’t measure or keep track of the cooking time when he made them for the first time, I had to make them myself a few days later and take down all the notes. (A difficult task, right? Really arduous.)


Here’s why these are a stroke of genius: Normally, when you make peanut butter cups, you need to use a lot of powdered sugar to achieve that Reese’s-type peanut butter texture. This recipe uses just half a cup of sugar for 3 dozen peanut butter cups, yet the texture is perfect! I think we have the oats to thank for that. (Oats! Who knew??)

To save time but still have the peanut butter + chocolate thing happening, we like to put chocolate chips straight in the batter. If you prefer, you can always melt chocolate and use it on the bottom and top of the cups or even brush it up the sides of the paper liners, like I did here.

The main thing is that there’s a fast, easy, pareve, and low-sugar way to enjoy peanut butter cups. You’re very welcome.

Menu Plan: Week of Nov. 9, 2014

By | November 9, 2014

I was going to write something real. Except then, about 7 seconds ago, both kids woke up. And if I don’t publish this now, and I do mean now, I know I won’t get to it until tonight, but by then I’ll be on my way to sleep. And so — with absolutely no fanfare whatsoever, here you have it! Meal plan for the week.

Come back soon to check out a healthy version of a universally loved dessert! It’s crazy stuff, and you won’t want to miss it.

{What My Toddler's Eating} Healthy rice crispy treats

By | November 5, 2014


When my toddler catches me cooking something without him, he’s not too happy about it. If I’m standing by the counter, his favorite place to be is up high right next to me, where he can reach all the dishes and stick his hands in the sink and do whatever else you can think of that would multiply the amount of time it takes me to finish a recipe by about 381.

When “we” made these this week, I worked quickly, gave him a steady flow of distractions spoonfuls, and did I say I worked quickly? Once he had his first bite, I think the only thing he said until the mixing bowl was empty was “more!” (He was also working quickly.)

These healthy rice crispy treats make a great all-natural snack for toddlers and kids of all sizes. Note, though, that I didn’t say they’re low in calories. Between the tahini and the silan, they’re probably never going to qualify as a diet food. That’s okay with me, though. My 22-month-old is definitely not on a diet, and the big bag of rice crispy treats in the freezer is earmarked for him.

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Menu Plan: Week of Nov. 2, 2014

By | November 2, 2014

The theme this week is Don’t Want to Think Too Hard. Because guess where I was when I made this menu plan? Sitting outside my toddler’s bedroom door, guarding it, so that when he tried to come out instead of taking a nap, he wouldn’t get any further than the doorway. Yep, it’s day three in the big boy bed.

These last few weeks, I’ve been following a formula for our dinner menus, and it’s working for us. One night is eggs + bread, one or two are pasta, one is pizza or something kinda like it, and the last night is soup. This time, I got super healthy and penciled in lentils and rice instead of a pasta meal.

Come back soon! I’ve got a new recipe in the wings and it has my toddler’s name (and your kids’ names, and the name of any person who wants a healthy snack) on it.