{What My Toddler's Eating} 5 days of real-life toddler meals

By | February 4, 2015

I spend a lot of time thinking about what my kids are going to eat. In the baby department, we’re just starting to branch out from purees, so mostly, I mean that I’m constantly planning my toddler’s meals. With this guy, variety is my best friend. As long as I don’t give him the same things in back-to-back meals or days, he usually finishes his food (and sometimes asks for more).

I thought it would be fun (bear with me here) to document everything he ate in the course of a week. Since I wouldn’t get Shabbos photos anyway, I went with Sunday through Thursday, and I think it ended up being a pretty accurate sampling. Breakfast and the afternoon snack usually consist of things I made just for him (hi, freezer stash), and lunch and dinner is whatever I’ve made for all of us. Meaning, we all eat the same dinner and then he usually has leftovers for lunch the next day.

By the way, all of the wonderfully fun sectioned plates you see below came to me from Rivki Silver of Life in the Married Lane. The inspiration for this post is from Rivki, too. Definitely go read hers, and take note of the fact that she does a much better job of filling the plates with different things in each section. One day.

Anyway, here’s what went down in my kitchen last week.

{Day 1} (1) Breakfast: granola (no nuts or seeds), yogurt, and apple cubes; (2) Lunch: wheat berries with sauce, veggies (onions, carrots, zucchini), and cubed cheese; (3) Afternoon meal/snack: challah with peanut butter, cinnamon, and raisins; (4) Dinner: whole wheat sugar-free pancakes with pure silan and apple cubes. Oh, and a quick pickle snack with teddy.

day 1

{Day 2} (1) Breakfast: Techina oatmeal with strawberries; (2) Lunch: wheat berries, steamed carrots, and soy sauce; (3) Afternoon meal/snack: banana and challah with peanut butter; (4) Dinner: penne with carrot sauce.

day 2

{Day 3} (1) Breakfast: part of a pumpkin muffin (this using pumpkin, but no sugar and all whole wheat flour) and some leftover oatmeal with pure silan, challah with techina, and apple cubes; (2) Lunch: pizza toast on a whole wheat roll (cut in thirds lengthwise) and cucumber sticks; (3) Afternoon meal/snack: banana and rice crispy treats (a variation on these); (4) lentil vegetable medley and white rice (added to the bowl post-photo).

day 3

{Day 4} (1) Breakfast: pumpkin muffin (details in day 3) with pure silan and apple cubes; (2) Lunch: lentil vegetable medley and white rice; (3) Afternoon meal/snack: rice crispy treats (variation on these), cucumber sticks, and cherry tomatoes, plus a small piece of challah about 2 hours later; (4) Dinner: marak katom and a broken-up bread twist.

day 4

{Day 5} (1) Breakfast: granola, yogurt, and chopped dates; (2) Lunch: marak katom and some broken-up challah; (3) Afternoon meal/snack: chopped baby corn + red pepper and cucumber sticks with an Asian dressing (his favorite parts of a salad I was testing); (4) Dinner: cheesy caramelized onion/scallion/corn bake (along the lines of this) and paprika potatoes.

day 5

I’m sure I’m doing some things right and some things wrong, but this works for us pretty well. What about you? I’d love to hear what your kids are eating. Share away in the comments!

Menu Plan: Week of Feb. 1, 2015

By | February 1, 2015

Even though I know people are following this blog (more than 10,000 last month! Thank you!), I always forget that my real-life friends read it, too. It happens all the time that I’m talking to someone and she mentions whatever I’ve written here most recently, and I do a double-take, like — “how did you know that?!” So last Sunday, when I wrote about never getting to go grocery shopping, it really did not occur to me that somebody reading it would up and offer to give me a ride. But yes, my friends are awesome like that.

So it’s thanks to Karen that my house now contains tons of swiss chard (my favorite thing ever), a friendly container of Ben & Jerry’s (a close second), portobello mushrooms, chocolate-covered coffee beans, 2 kilos of Medjool dates, and a dozen other things that make excited every time I see them. If you’re curious about what my toddler is eating in the middle of all this, come back soon. I’ve been collecting data.

Mexican tabbouleh

By | January 29, 2015


Many moons ago, I was having computer trouble. It was time-consuming and energy-consuming and nothing was working. At some point in between my laptop dying and being partially revived, I transferred every last file to our friends’ external hard drive. This was the perfect rescue plan until our friends moved to Beit Shemesh, a decent shlep from Kochav HaShachar. But there was no rush to get the files onto my new laptop, so you know, if they didn’t mind storing them for awhile, I certainly didn’t.

This week, my husband decided to check this off our family to-do list. He made the trek, then he spent 90 minutes transferring the files with a flash drive, tremped trekked home, and spent another hour moving them to my computer. This is the kind of thing I would have done in maybe another 10 years. It helps to be married to someone different from yourself.

I bring all this up because until now, this recipe and photo were stuck in Beit Shemesh (where they received awesome accommodations). Now that they’re back at home, I wanted to share this dish with you right away. Tabbouleh is classically a Middle Eastern dish, with chopped parsley and mint and diced tomatoes and cucumbers. This Mexican spin on it has great flavor and comes together quickly, especially if you use canned corn and beans. It works perfectly for light but satisfying weekday lunches or as a side dish for a Shabbos meal. Especially one with a Mexican theme.

Menu Plan: Week of Jan. 25, 2015

By | January 25, 2015

Grocery shopping is one of my very favorite things. Whenever I get the chance to walk up and down those aisles, I automatically chill out. But those aisle walks are very infrequent. See, in this family, the shopper is the one who can carry the most groceries home in a tremp, and that is not a title I can claim. Luckily, my husband makes things exciting by picking up surprise items during his grocery runs. Last week, he brought back a jar of pecan syrup! Seriously the highlight of my week. I’m counting down the hours until we dredge some pancakes in it.

Congratulations to Tova, the winner of last week’s giveaway! Tova’s entry was #24 out of an even 100, and her copy of Secrets From Lori Rapp’s Kitchen is in the mail. Keep an eye out for the next giveaway — this one will be for a spanking new Pesach cookbook!

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