Chocolate chip oat squares

By | February 27, 2015


Two months ago, though it feels like two years ago, a friend all the way out yonder in Jerusalem sent me a care package of fresh rolls that I swallowed on the spot and these chocolate chip oat squares, which I saved for the next day and did not at all share. I got the recipe from her and made them as part of a meal for a neighbor who had a baby. Then my husband made a batch for us. Then I made, like, seven more batches for us over the course of the next seven weeks. It was rather intense, but I had a mission: I wanted to see just how little sugar I could get away with using.

This, my final version, is based on the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies in Fresh & Easy Kosher Cooking, but there’s a lot less sugar and a lot less chocolate and it still tastes awesome. Oh, and I double the recipe and bake it in a 9×13 so there’s enough to go around. Yes, there are only two people in this house who eat dessert, and yes, we need a 9×13.

Anyway, if you want to include homemade baked goods in your mishloach manot, but you don’t have the time or energy to patchke, these chocolate chip oat squares are just what you need. Happy Purim prepping!

Menu Plan: Week of Feb. 22, 2015

By | February 22, 2015

Sorry about last week, everyone. Things were intense for me with work (three deadlines in the span of a couple days, gah) and by Monday I’d given up completely on posting anything. This week should be more manageable, though, and I’m dying to share some of the things I’ve been cooking recently with you. There’s a new rice dish that’s easy and yum, a cheesy pasta bake that I could eat every day, and a simple dessert that I’ve been making over and over, with less sugar each time.

Also, happy Adar! If you’re making pizza this week, check out my post on jumbo pizza hamentaschen to make your meal Purim-themed with virtually no extra effort.

Sweet and sour tofu

By | February 11, 2015

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

When we started getting tired of soup-only meals on Friday nights, I turned to sweet and sour tofu. This is about as easy as it gets. You chop a few veggies (the list is flexible), add tomato paste, lemon juice, and honey, and then the tofu. Serve it over any grain in the universe, and hey! It’s dinner! (Especially when there’s challah and dessert to go with, but I would also serve this as a meal by itself. Just me?)

These days, as long as a recipe is quick, I’m good to go. But this meets the other criteria, too. Not only is it fast, easy, and filling, but everyone here loves it. Especially this little person down below, who spent two and a half hours doing everything in his power not to nap and then ran outside while his mother was busy looking through the camera. He really wanted some.

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

And yes, he wanted to wear his hat for his nap. He also wanted that specific zip-up, two teddies, two blankets, one paci, a bottle of water, a story, a short story, a hug, more water, some rearranging of blankets, and a nose wipe.

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Menu Plan: Week of Feb. 8, 2015

By | February 8, 2015

On Tu B’Shvat, it dawned on me: If we’re in the middle of Shvat, that means we’ve got one month to Purim. And that means we’ve got two months until … I won’t say it. But it’s true. And I just did a major grocery run, and the freezer is actually full. So, okay, time to eat.

Sunday’s dinner is because I cooked a lot (and I do mean a lot) of beans during my freezer challenge, Wednesday is because there are like 8 cups of pumpkin puree in there next to the beans and also because I grabbed a kilo of arborio rice during that grocery run, and Thursday is because when I grabbed the arborio, I also grabbed some bulgar. Grain-grabber, that’s me.

Come back soon for an easy, everyone-loves-it dinner!