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Ginger spice sticks with lemon glaze

By | February 7, 2013


Last year, shortly before Purim, I spent an afternoon traipsing around Meah Shearim. I stopped in a little spice shop, loaded up on things like cumin and curry and dill and oregano, and noticed that they also sold crystallized ginger. I was intrigued, but I knew it wasn’t going to become a regular in my […]

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Gingersnaps with white chocolate chips

By | March 21, 2012


** The giveaway for Quick & Kosher: Meals in Minutes ends tomorrow at midnight IST. Enter now for your chance to win! ** I know, I know. Pesach is in 17 days. And here I am, giving you a cookie recipe, of all things. Aren’t I awful? It’s just…I can’t help it! Why? Well, this […]

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Gingerbread cake with vanilla glaze

By | January 31, 2012


This recipe and an abbreviated version of this story originally appeared in the Jan. 9, 2012 edition of “From Tali’s Kitchen,” my biweekly cooking column in Binah magazine. Special note: I originally made this cake out of desperation, in an attempt to use up the fresh ginger I bought for a batch of soba noodles. […]

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Ginger crackle cookies

By | December 6, 2011


I feel I should apologize. These photos just do not do these cookies justice. The tops crackle beautifully. The outer shell is just hard enough to give you something to bite into, and the inside is moist and soft and perfect. They’re deliciously fragrant. They’ve got all those great fall spices, and you know you […]

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