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Kitchen Tips: How to make pumpkin puree

By | April 9, 2013

Most people I know don’t buy pumpkin regularly. I get that — it’s not milk, it’s not potatoes, and it’s not pasta. But pumpkin is one of those ingredients that gets a high mark for versatility. It’s wonderful in dips, sauces, soups, drinks, and baked goods. I know you can buy it in a can […]

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Kitchen Tips: How to cook dried beans

By | February 26, 2013

I gave up on dried beans two years ago. It was just.not.working. In the early months after our wedding, when my enthusiasm over all things homemade was sky-high, I tried my hand at dried chickpeas. Dried kidney beans, too. I soaked them, rinsed them, and cooked them. But after four or five hours of cooking, […]

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Kitchen Tips: How to sear a tilapia fillet

By | January 17, 2013


I was eight months pregnant when I started having tilapia for lunch at least once a week. Something on What to Expect (which I checked religiously at the start of every week of my pregnancy, thankyouverymuch) had said I should be getting lots of omega-3s, and a quick Google search told me that tilapia was an […]

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Kitchen Tips: How to clean your kumkum (electric kettle)

By | November 8, 2012


Before I got married, a friend gave me an all-important piece of advice. Not about maintaining good communication, not about giving to your spouse, not about continuing to go out on dates… It was about how to clean a kumkum. (Translation: electric kettle — here in Israel, we call this thing a kumkum, and it’s […]

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