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Sun-dried tomato, spinach & mozzarella blintz souffle

By | May 25, 2014

I’m parting with my Sunday menu plan tradition to share something absurdly delicious with you. The last two times I made blintz souffles (last Rosh HaShanah and last year just before Shavuos), they were the classic sweet kind. Those are good, too. But this savory blintz souffle is really something. I’m going to go so far […]

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Savory tuna crepes with mushrooms & mozzarella

By | January 3, 2013


This recipe first appeared in the Aug. 27, 2012 edition of “From Tali’s Kitchen,” my biweekly cooking column in Binah magazine. I shouldn’t say this, but I’m going to say it anyway: These crepes are one of the best things I’ve ever made. I shouldn’t say it because it sounds so cliche. Also because it’s not the first time […]

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Creamy roasted butternut penne

By | December 5, 2011


Yum. I just had two bowls of this, and I’m almost hungry again as I look at that picture. It’s just so good. I’ve had the version on How Sweet It Is bookmarked for almost a month, and it felt like I was seeing variations everywhere. It was really about time I tried the butternut/pasta/cheese awesomeness […]

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